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The Brevis Shelldweller is a dwarf cichlid from Lake Tanganika that hides and spawns inside a shell,

Like all the Shelldweller he spent most of his time in a shell.

When I got my first 4 brevis I was enthusiastic to breed them, I got them from a friend that have

hard time trying to breed them.

It was very easy to sex between the male and the female, the easy way to do so is

just to look at them, and the Male is bigger than the female.



I decide to set up 80 liters (approximately 21 gallon) tank just for them.

In the tank I disperse 5 shells, 4 regular shells and one giant shell for the dominant male,

Shell of  Neothauma snail will be ideal for them but they will compromised with other shells.

                                                                 home sweet home

brevis in shell.jpg

I try to keep PH above 8 like they really use to, I also kept on 27 ° C and make water change (30%)

three times a week. The tank was without any gravel, their nutrition was based on flesh diet and

live food such as bloodworms.

In age of 8 month I noticed brown strips on one of the females, the day after she get in to her shell and

laid eggs, afterwards the male seen swimming above the shell and releasing his sperm,

the beautiful thing is to see the male waving is fins in order to aim sperm into the shell.

After 3 days the eggs hatched and after 5 days they swim with no problems.

In the next reproduction session the parents ignore them but don’t touch them.

As year passes by I also breed other Shelldwellers like multifasciatus and Ocellatus species.

The unique way of Shelldwellers reproduction has captured me….