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General information – The Montipora capricornis is one the most sought after corals in  the trade. 

This sps coral has a maroonish base with purple polyps. The Montipora capricornis is a

moderately fast grower.

It tends to vary its growth  rate depending on the individual's tank.

It does not scroll Montipora capricornis (Cup Montipora)like other montiporas.      

Common Name - Cup Montipora, Vase Coral, Montipora capriconis 

Scientific Name - Montipora capricornis 

Family - Acroporidae 

Origin - Pacific Ocean       

Nutrition - No supplemental conditions required but good water

chemistry is a must 

Maintenance and care - To maintain the color and health of Montipora it is imperative to maintain

absolutely perfect water quality in an established reef aquarium, high pH, calcium and alkalinity levels,

and maintain extremely low phosphate and nitrate levels. 

Lighting-  Moderate to high. Metal halide is suggested, but these corals are tolerant of a wide range of l

ighting conditions. Actinic lighting or metal halide lighting heavy in the blue spectrum will

enhance  their color. 

Water Flow- Water flow requirements are moderate to high