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General information – Due to its sturdiness the Pulsing Xenia soft

coral is one of the most popular corals and favorite of many reef keepers

all over the world.  The xenia form stalks as it grow. The amount of

pulsing will vary with various water parameters but in known that it is

good indicator to its health; .In a healthy xenia, each polyp will "pulse"

meaning, open and close while in a failing xenia the polyps are frozen.

There are many theories and debates among scientists and reef

keepers regarding the pulsing action of the xenia coral. Some think

that it is for the filter feeding and some think it is related to oxygen

exchange. This coral reproduces asexually, forming new stalks but

also have the ability to "walk" from one area to another, while leaving

a small part of its original tissue behind to start a new colony. 

Xenia elongata (Pulsing Xenia)
Photo by: Noah J. Wuellner

Common Name - Pulsing Xenia, Pumping Xenia, Xenia 

Scientific Name – Xenia elongata

Family - Xeniidae 

Origin - Red Sea, indo pacific.   

Nutrition - The xenia thrives on Zooxanthellate and light. It requires direct lightning since photosynthesis is

her only source of nutrients. Iodine can be added.  

Behavior - Aggression level is low but it growth very fast so it may outgrow many other corals. 

Maintenance and care – The Xenia coral should be kept in a 10-20 minimum tank size. 

Water Parameters - Temperature: 75F - 80F (25C - 27C), pH: 8.2 - 8.5, Specific Gravity: 1.023 - 1.025  

Lighting- Medium to High Lighting 

Water flow- Low- moderate