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General information – The Corydoras sterbai is one of the most

popular fish from the Callichthyidae family. It has a beautiful silver

backdrop with rows of black spots. Like all Corydoras species, this

species can diffuse oxygen using the posterior part of the gut, so

swimming up to the surface and gasping for air, then immediately

diving back to the bottom, it is normal and should not be considered

as a sign of fault. It also, like other Corydoras species, tend to "wink"

by rolling it's eyes downwards, a characteristic considered as funny

and makes these fish more loveable 

Common Name - Sterba's Cory 

Scientific Name - Corydoras sterbai

Family - Callichthyidae 

Origin - South America      

Size – 5cm - 7 cm ( - 2.8 in) 

First discovered - Knaack, 1962 

Corydoras sterbai (Sterba's Cory)

                                                                                   Photo by:Arnon Reisman

Nutrition – In the wild, the Corydoras sterbai feed on some algae but also eat aquatic insects and worms.

In aquarium it will accept dried commercial food, frozen and live food catfish and shrimps pellets are

recommended too.  

Behavior – Peaceful  

Maintenance and care – About 25-30 gallon for 4-6 Sterbai's, The corydoras sterbai

should be kept in an aquarium with a sandy bottom, mild water movement and efficient biological filtration

system. The aquarium should be planted sparsely and other fish companions should be calm and


Water Parameters – Temperature: 73.4F- 78.8F (23C-26C), PH: 6-8, DGH: 4-12  

Breeding – Like all Corydoras species, this one also, starts breeding at the onset of the rainy season In

order to breed the Sterbai you will need to keep the PH on 6.5-7; KH should be at least 3. A lowering of

temperature and water changes may induce spawning. Courtship begins with males chasing the females

until the show interest. After female accept male courting the male rubs against the female and touches

her head with its barbells. Afterwards the male swims in front of the female, clasping her mouth with his

Pelvic fins, this is known as the famous "T position".