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General information – The red nose shrimp has a long bright red rostrum, which looks

almost like a nose. This nose makes it one of the more bizarre looking algae eating  shrimp species. 

The Red Nose Shrimp moves around in a unique way, it lets itself drift in the water flow with

the nose pointing towards the gravel.  

Common Name - Red Nose Shrimp, Rhino Shrimp, Mosquito Shrimp, Pinocchio Shrimp  Caridina gracilirostris (Red Nose Shrimp)    

Scientific Name - Caridina gracilirostris  

Family – Shrimps     

Origin - India, South East Asia     

Size – 2.5cm-3.5cm

First discovered – Unknown        

Nutrition – The Caridina gracilirostris or by its common name the                    Photo by: Gal Goshen

Red Nose Shrimp are scavengers and whilst they are consumers of algae.

In home aquarium the Red Nose Shrimp will accept fish food, shrimp wafers and catfish wafers. 

Behavior – Peaceful. Not shy like other shrimps 

Maintenance and careThis Shrimp prefers planted aquariums. Slightly soft water is preferred.      

The Red Nose Shrimp is extremely sensitive to ammonia, nitrate and nitrite.

They should only be added to a cycled tank. 

Water Parameters – Temperature: 72F-80F, PH:  7.5- 8.5  

Breeding - To breed these shrimp, salt water conditions are required for their fry.In the wild, young larvae

require full strength saltwater to survive before metamorphosing into post-larvae and

returning to freshwater.