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General information – Ramshorn snails are very common in this

hobby. Their shape is as their name suggests. According to planted

aquarium hobbyists the Ramshorn Snail is their worst nightmare.

Overfeeding is the number one cause of Ramshorn Snail outbreaks.

The Ramshorn Snail reproduces rapidly. It lays a clutch of eggs in hard

mucus on plants substrate or even on the tank walls. The Ramshorn

snail use lungs to breathe air, but since they have the ability to trap

some air inside their shells, they can tolerate water with low dissolved

oxygen which makes them more invulnerable   

Common Name - Ramshorn Snail 

Scientific Name - Planorbis rubrum 

Family - Planorbidae 

Origin - Cosmopolitan 

Ramshorn Snail

Size – Up to 2.5cm 

First discovered - Unknown 

Nutrition – Feeds on algae, uneaten foods, plants and dead am live organic matter.  

Behavior – Peaceful towards fish but aggressive towards plants 

Maintenance and care - Some fish keepers think that Ramshorn Snails are useful and some invest efforts

to get rid of them. Those who think that they are useful call them aquarium bulldozers and praise their

ability to eat leafs, dead fish and uneaten food and keep the tank "clean" from troubles. Other fish keepers

just can't see their present in the tank and spend time to get rid of them claiming that those snails disfigure

the tank, they also say that the snails create new colonies in short time and those colonies create excreta

and quickly deteriorating water quality. The common method in order to get rid of theses snails is to add to

the tank snail eating fish as the clown loaches, Pakistan and zebra loaches known as well as snail's

eaters. Using chemical products is also an option, those chemicals kill snails very quickly but after using

them it is recommended to suck their shells out and to perform water changes otherwise it will cause to

deteriorating water quality. Make sure the product is safe to fish. A good method to capture these snails

is to use leaf of lettuce as a trap night, the snails climb on the lettuce to eat and than you can take the

lettuce out, and this is a good way to keep snail population down but not to eradicate them.  

Water Parameters – The Ramshorn snails will thrive and multiply without attention to water chemistry. 

Breeding - Ramshorn snails lay clutch of eggs in hard mucus on plants substrate or even on the

tank walls.